Kun to timar fra sørlandskysten

Systog Dale

T: +47 954 47 471
W: www.systog-dale.no

Systog Dale is an old family farm in Valle in Setesdal, located a few kilometers north of the city center.
Here you will find Systog Dale café with it´s own gallery, a little farm shop and Kallefoss Hyttepark (cabins).

In 2017, new and larger premises were ready. In their new premises there is both a kitchen and bakeryroom, and Margit Dale is in charge of groups for food and baking courses, witch you can book.
You can order serving for groups of 10-60 persons, with an entirely new menu of traditional food and more modern dishes based on local products. They have all meeting facilities and can offer a package deal in conjunction with meetings and conferences, that suit all needs and wishes.

Systog Dale will show 2-3 separate exhibitions a year. Every summer and christmas will show exhibits with art from a variety of artists. It will be possible to buy an art object straight from the wall.
Except for exhibitions, it is worth visiting Systog Dale for art lovers. Here they always have a wide and good selection of graphics and paintings for sale.

Systog Dale café with simple dining and gallery is open on occasions.