Kun to timar fra sørlandskysten

Seasonal opening Via Ferrata Straumsfjell

Via Ferrata Straumsfjell is ready for seasonal opening from May 17!

The crew of Via Ferrata Straumsfjell have done an inspection of Via Ferrata Straumsfjell on April 24. After the winter and allot of snow, there are some adjustments and repairs that must be carried out before they can open for visitors. Therefor they had to delay the opening from 2nd of May to 17th of May.

Soon you can enjoy great experiences in Via Ferrata Straumsfjell!

For booking:
Helle Camping

Opening of Via Ferrata Brokke must wait until the snow has smeltet before there can be done security check and seasonal opening.

We will come back with more information on this!