Kun to timar fra sørlandskysten

Local walking and hiking trails

Walking and hiking trails in Brokke

Brokke has a lot to offer in this respect; from family walks in the floodlit trail or shorter hikes to nearby summits.

Summit trip to Løefjell, 5 km; 2,5 h. A classic in Brokke! The mountain towering high above the cabins is a local landmark. If you take the trail from the top of the Furestøyl cabin area, you may follow a marked trail all the way up. Going back, follow the edge of the mountain down to the Lisleå waterfall. From there, follow the path leading to the floodlit trail. Partly bog area.

Summit trip to Vardefjell. A magnificent hike that will reward you with a spectacular view of Brokke and the Western Mountains of Setesdal.

Summit trip to Uvedalsfjell. This hike starts on the floodlit trail and follows the tractor road across the old bridge. It continues along the river and makes a southern turn at the summit.

Round trip in Brokke, 2 km, 1 h. Nice Sunday morning family walk. Get to know the village with a panoramic view of Setesdal, see the fine farm buildings and enjoy the scenery. 500 metres unmarked forest trails, otherwise roads.

Round trip to Kvisletoppen, 6 km, 3 h. Get to the top of Kvisleli and enjoy the view! You may cross over to the ski slope and walk down via the construction road. 300 metres through rough terrain, otherwise construction road.

The Rysstad Nature Park. This walk starts on the gravel road / mountain road at the Sølvgarden Hotel/RV9, continues to approx. 50 metres towards south, where you turn right and onto the forest path. The path follows the river Kvedaråni for a short distance before you reach a bridge which you have to cross. There are many benches where you can take a rest on your way up, and there is also an old mill by the river. The entire walk is on/along a path or tractor road, but solid shoes are required.

Gloppefoss, with a fall of 280 metres, is the highest waterfall in Setesdal. The hike to Gloppefoss is on a path/tractor road. It is relatively easy, but you have to cross the river twice: first across a bridge and then via rocks.