Kun to timar fra sørlandskysten

Safety rules for alpine skiing

Safety on the slopes

Brokke Alpine Centre expects that visitors obey these rules. Violations of them will lead to confiscation of ski pass and exclusion from the premises.

Off-piste safety

Brokke Alpine Centre has five groomed descents, but there is also a large and exciting off-piste area in the forest.

Skiing and snowboarding outside the groomed piste network entails a greater hazard; with rocks, cliffs and avalanche risk. Such activities must take place at your own responsibility. Respect the signs and obstructions.

If you go off-piste skiing, you have to make your own safety assessment of the chosen route.


In case of snowfall, the seats of the chairlift will gather snow throughout the day, and your clothes may get wet. If you find that uncomfortable, we recommend the T-bar lift.

If the personnel should remove snow from the seats when the lift is in operation, the speed would have to be reduced, and the trip to the top would consequently take more time for those who are eager to hit the slopes.

Outside opening hours

It is not allowed to use the slopes outside the opening hours due to snow production, grooming and inspection. If people stay on the slopes during maintenance work, the consequences may be fatal. Respect the signs and obstructions.

We wish all our guests a safe and nice skiing or snowboarding experience!



  1. All skiers and snowboarders must behave in such a way that they do not put themselves or others at risk.
  2. All skiers and snowboarders must adapt their speed and style according to personal ability, terrain, snow and weather conditions as well as traffic density.
  3. Skiing or snowboarding straight down the slope is prohibited, except during organised training sessions.
  4. Skiers or snowboarders coming from behind are responsible for avoiding collisions.
  5. Anyone entering or traversing a slope must ensure that it is safe to do so without causing danger.
  6. The same applies to starting off after a stop.
  7. All skiers and snowboarder must avoid stopping on the piste in narrow places or in locations where the view is obstructed.
  8. Skiers or snowboarders either climbing or descending on foot must keep on the side of the slopes.
  9. Ski stoppers/powder leashes are mandatory. Check to ensure that bindings are properly adjusted.
  10. Follows the signs, markings and directions given.
  11. In case of an accident, everyone has a duty to assist. Witnesses and those involved are obliged to provide name and contact details.
  12. SMX, snowscoot, airboard etc. cannot be used on the premises.*

Brokke Alpine Centre strongly recommends the use of a helmet!


Contact information

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