Kun to timar fra sørlandskysten

Brokke – close to nature!

Mountain hiking

The mountains around Brokke offer spectacular experiences, whether you prefer a long hike with a backpack or a shorter day hike.

 In the Setesdal mountains we recommend the routes of the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT). With Brokke as a starting point, you will definitely get a memorable experience of nature at any time of the year.
The blogger Fjellreven (“the Arctic Fox”) walked through Norway from south to north in 2013. His hike included the Setesdal mountains, and there he discovered Brokke. He was so captivated by the area that he returned towards the end of the summer with tents, horses and a dog. His hike from Evardalen and into the mountains of Setesdal are described here, in an excellent photo series: Turen frå Evardalen og innover Setesdalsheiane
Have a nice hike! 

Tourist cabins in this area:

Håhelleren-Øyuvsbu: The hike starts not far from the Suleskard road, just before reaching the lake Rosskreppfjorden, but there is no problem reversing the route (if you come from the other direction). Follow the road to the cabin Håheller, and from there you follow the signposts. The trails is well marked to the cabin Øyuvsbu. Length: 9,2 km. Duration: 2 hours. Difficulty: Medium. Suitable for: child, youth, adult. Season: June–October.

Hike around the lake Øyuvsvatnet: This lake is easily accessible from the Suleskard road and the car park for the Øyuvsbu cabin, just before the lake Rosskreppfjorden. Øyuvsbu is an unmanned tourist cabin. The hike itself is easy, but there is a section of bog/mud; solid footwear is therefore recommended.
Lengde: 13,8 km. Duration: 4 hours. Difficulty: Medium. Suitable for: child, youth, adult. Season: June–October.

Evardalen to Svartnut is a nice hike, and if you stay in this area, we recommend you to set up your tent at Risåkvæven. There is a toll road to Evardalen, but you may park your car at the end of the road before the barrier.

Bossbu is the next tourist cabin you will reach – a wonderful place 1030 m.a.s.l., facing the sunset in the west. Beautifully located by the lake Botnsvatnet, with only a short distance to a sandy beach. An excellent starting point for day hikes both summer and winter, and a natural stop on a hike through the Setesdal mountains.

Stavskar is located at the innermost part of the valley, before Svartbrokka, surrounded by almost vertical mountain walls rising close to 400 metres. The Mt. Svarvarnuten (1378 m.a.s.l.) approx. 1 km south-west of Stavskar is an excellent summit hike for those seeking a magnificent view of the Setesdal mountains. Stavskar is not a large cabin, it has only one bedroom. However, the heat from the fireplace reaches every corner of the cabin – a true advantage on cold days! The ancient road through the area, Skinnvegen, passes next to the cabin. This road was used by people going to the town of Stavanger in Western Norway. The cabin at Stavskar, with surroundings suitable for both summer and winter hikes, is a natural place for a rest or an overnight stay for people on their way to Bossbu.

The Brokke–-Suleskard road: Experience the wonderful nature in the western mountains of Setesdal by driving from Brokke to Suleskard.

Have a nice mountain experience!