Kun to timar fra sørlandskysten

Unique cross-country trails in the mountains


In Brokke you will find some of the best cross-country trails in Southern Norway.

 Situated at the foot of the mountains, Brokke offers a number of unique cross-country trails.   Free parking in the village, by the bridge leading to Brokke Alpine Centre. You may start in the floodlit trail or take the chairlift to Kvisletoppen. From there you follow the trail to lake Myklevatn.Live grooming report on the link Skisporet.no

For many years Brokke has been very popular among cross-country skiers. This varied and magnificent landscape normally gets a lot of snow. The skiing areas are vast and offer exciting possibilities for avid outdoor people.

This season we have five machine groomed cross-country trails. Starting point for all of them is the car park by the bridge leading to the alpine skiing centre.

Have a nice day skiing!

Langrennsløyper Brokke - kart

Cross-country at Brokke

Floodlit trail: 5 km

The floodlit trail starts by the car park at Brokke Alpine Centre or at Brokkestøylen. It is an excellent training facility with several options for every skill level. The trail is located by the stream Uvedalsbekken, and with many nice picnic spots, is a suitable round-trip for families. There is also an adjacent lean-to which is a practical shelter on snowy days. The floodlit trail is groomed every afternoon during weekdays, if required, and in the morning during weekends.

Furestøyl – Jarnsverk – Reigårdstøylen – Evardalen: 10 km 

With central Brokke / the car park as starting point you follow the cross-country trail to Reigårdstøylen – via the floodlit trail – up to Jarnsverk. If you prefer a somewhat shorter alternative, you may start from the day parking area at Jarnsverk. From here and from where the floodlit trail meets the road, you continue for some hundred metres along the Brokke–Suleskard road before the trail makes a right-hand turn towards Evardalen. For a longer trip you may combine it with a loop around Vardehei before entering the trail to Evardalen again. At the end of this trail you meet the snowmobile road and may follow it down to Jarnsverk. Or you may return via the groomed trail across the hills.

This is an excellent day trip for people with some skiing experience, but it is also suitable for families with somewhat older children.

Furestøyl – Jarnsverk – Vardehei: 9 km 

The same applies to this trip. With central Brokke as starting point you may begin in the floodlit trail or shorten it by starting at Jernsverk. Follow the Brokke–Suleskard road for some hundred metres and turn right, follow the signs around Vardehei and return the same way.

An excellent family outing.

Furestøyl via the Alpine Centre to Myklevatn, Evardalen and back to Furestøyl

In central Brokke, near the entrance to the alpine skiing centre, there is a large, free car park. This is the starting point for a cross-country mountain adventure.

Take the chairlift to the top and follow the signs to Myklevatn. Cross the Suleskard road and follow the ski trail to Evardalen, before continuing to Reigårdstøylen, Jarnsverk and the floodlit trail.

You may also park your car at Kvisletoppen.

Alpine Centre top station – Myklevatn: 7 km

Park your car for free at Kvisletoppen – and set off to the mountains! Perfect for those with motivation and experience, but also for young and eager skiers.

Stavtjønnløypa (the Stavtjønn trail): 4 km

Superb family trail. Several nice picnic spots and fun, undulating terrain.

The trails are groomed for classic and skate skiing, and during weekends and holidays the grooming takes place every morning, if required. On weekdays this is done in the afternoon, before 17.00 hrs.

The trails are groomed in this order: the floodlit trail, Jarnsverk and further into Evardalen, then down to Myklevatn, across the hill and back to the top station of the alpine skiing centre, and finally Stavtjønn. Consider this when planning your trip, to make sure the trails are in perfect condition.

If you have questions about the cross-country trails and the grooming, please call us at +47 45 51 22 96