Kun to timar fra sørlandskysten

Brokke – a climber’s Eldorado


For many years Valle in Setesdal has been a climber’s paradise.

A lot of tourists are captivated by the sight of the majestic mountains, but not all of them venture to the top. Are you looking for the ultimate climbing adventure, Setesdal offers several routes for every age and skill level.

All information about climbing is collected from this guidebook to climbing in Southern Norway: Setesdal – Climbing in Southern Norway. Web: www.kletternimnorwegen.de

Mt. Løefjell – a superb summit in Setesdal

Mt. Løefjell in Brokke – a highlight in every sense of the word! “The South Face” of this mountain is one of the most impressive smooth rock climbing walls in Norway. You start gently at the edge of the forest, before it gradually gets steeper over the ledge, and finally extremely steep towards the summit. The mountain is perfect – with many quartz veins!

The wall is partitioned as follows:

H1: Løefjell West 

H1:1- School – surprisingly fine routes and not only smooth rock climbing. Large granite structures and several varied routes. A total of 25 routes.

H1:2- Brokkestøylen – the first rope lengths of smooth rock climbing in sector 8; Sunny Times is excellent. Incredibly fine climbing which is more demanding than in the neighbouring sectors. A total of 17 routes.

H1:3- Soccer – this sector is to the right of H1.2 Brokkestøylen. Easier routes (25), excellent for beginners and children.

H1:4: Goldgraber – starts to the right of H1:3, route 17 “Fjørtoft”, magnificent routes.
4 routes.


H2: Bigwall

H- Bigwall: This is the original Bigwall area in Løefjell – and is hard to overlook! A total of 10 routes, including “East of easy”.

H2.1- Big Wall Sport – a new sector within H2 with great routes on quartz veins and perfect rock. A total of 14 routes.


H3: Plaisir

H3: Plaisir – sectors in the southern part of Mt. Løefjell; the most popular climbing routes in Setesdal. The wall is even and steep, contains a number of the best “plasir” routes. In the part to the right there are routes of 8 rope lengths. The foot of the wall is almost level; there are many nice routes suitable for children and their parents.

H 3:1- Birthday – 5 routes posing a lot of challenges.

H 3:2- Book – 13 exciting, demanding and varied routes.

H 3:3 Color – this sector is dominated by a large flake approx. 100 metres up. 8 routes.

H 3:4 Paradise – contains one of the best single-length 6 routes in Setesdal (Rockwaves). A total of 11 routes.

H 3.5 Fix – 11 routes

H 3:6 Picnic – 13 routes

H 3:7 Star – spanning from good beginners’ routes (Come back) to superb climbing straight up the quartz vein (Idrett); a total of 9 routes.

H 3:8 Kaiser – routes located in an area where a vast rockslide took place in 2003/2004. None of the bolts are damaged, but we advise you to exercise great caution. There may be loose rocks, especially along the route 11 Muffel. A total of 12 routes.

H 3:9 Bison is brown, and therefore a suitable name for this sector. These climbing routes are fairly long and well bolted, suitable for children and beginners who want to improve their skills. A total of 12 routes.

H 3:10 Open – this sector contains all the routes to the right and starts above the forest at H3:9 11 Trylledrikk. A total of 4 routes.

Climbing guide:

The guidebook Setesdal – Climbing in Southern Norway is sold at Brokkestøylen.

Parking and accommodation:

– Brokkestøylen – cafeteria and camping. Camping site, base camp.

– Brokke Hyttepark, log cabins near the climbing routes.

– Løefjell cabin area, by the old road. See sign with parking instructions and follow (marked) blue trail to the climbing routes.

Climbing in Brokke at Tripadvisor.

Here is a photo of the various routes (collected from www.kletterninnorwegen.de)

An overview of the climbing routes and parking grounds in the Løefjell area in Brokke