Kun to timar fra sørlandskysten

Hasla – modern Norwegian jewellery design

T: +47 37 93 73 80
W: www.hasla.no

At the shop in Valle you will find the local Hasla design as well as jewellery by other designers. Hasla sells products such as toys, candles, tablecloths and interior for the home.

Hasla have a workshop in Valle, Setesdal, where their jewellery is designed and made – in a pure, Nordic style, often inspired by Norwegian nature. This region has a long tradition of handicrafts, which Hasla have further developed and maintained. They make timeless quality jewellery based on the Nordic design philosophy of simple, clean lines. The craft is important to Hasla, and in their workshop artisans of all ages work side by side. By combining new and old techniques the jewellery get their own, unique expression.

They also make silver for the Norwegian national costume. Personally designed jewellery is also a part of their portfolio, made possible by the workshop in Valle. Hasla can turn your idea and design into a piece of jewellery.

Opening hours:

Monday–Friday: 08.30–16.30
Saturday: 10.00-16.00.

Welcome to shopping at Hasla!